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Trap and Trouble Hands in Texas Holdem

One of the most common mistakes that new Texas Holdem players make is concentrating too much on the winning hands. However, equally important is that you must try to learn as much about the potentially troublesome cards that will appear.

Among the most common situations that leads to troubled hands in Texas Holdem is when you start to play any two suited cards to chase the flush. Getting the flush draw will often result in a win, but going after the draw with any kind of suited card is inviting trouble.

The fact is that getting a flush requires that you have the correct pot odds, something that a lot of players are not even aware of. It is also important when trying to get this Texas Holdem hand that you know the risk of being beaten by a similar yet higher hand. With low suited cards you end up with a low flush, something very beatable in coordinated board.

You will run into similar problems when you try to play low connectors. Here the objective of most players is to try and get the straight, but again the problem is that you will likely only get a low one. If you get a 10 high straight and a Jack appears on the turn, you could be in trouble. Another problem is when you are trying to go for an inside straight.

The better option for this Texas Holdem hand is to play with suited connectors instead, as it will allow you the option of going for the flush too.

Finally, one more trap hand in Texas Holdem is that of the Ace rag. A lot of people like to play with Aces, and simply cannot let go of it no matter what it is paired with. This can lead to trouble, because an Ace is only as good as the card it is paired with. If you are holding an A8 or lower in a tight game, you should fold it before the flop before the flop.

If you bring that hand on the flop you will often end up chasing the other Ace or another hand to augment it, and you can end up with the second best hand. To avoid this dilemma, you should fold the hand before the flop.

Becoming a good Texas Holdem player involves more than just knowing the type of hands that you can win with; to be a true all around player, you should be aware of the cards that can cause trouble as well. With knowledge in these two areas, you will become a more successful player.

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